2017 TCCA Steering Committee

Chair:                     Longyan Liao (廖龙燕)

Vice Chair:             Jin Bai (白金)

Treasurer:              Yao Qi (姚琦)

Secretary:              Xiaofei Sun (孙晓飞)

Sponsorship:         Ava Dong (董苗苗)

Communication:   Jing Liu (刘静)

General Affairs:     Xiaoyong Li (李小永)     

Event Director:      Lifang Qiu (裘丽芳)

Event Leader:        Mingzhe Yu (俞明哲), Yang Yang

The Tri-City Chinese Association (TCCA) is the largest Chinese organization in the Great Lake Bay region of Michigan – Midland, Saginaw, Bay City, and Mount Pleasant.

 Objectives of the Tri-City Chinese Association (TCCA)


Promote fellowship, service, and harmony among members;
Encourage mutual understanding between Chinese and American cultures within the community;
Support the Tri-City Chinese School and other Chinese related community activities.

​​Tri-City Chinese Association